Sophie Soulisse


Sophie Soulisse Holistic Massage & Beauty Therapist is a Brighton based service providing individual massage and beauty therapy for women, focusing on empowerment and revitalisation.


Sophie learned about ME Brands through one of our Brighton based clients Flarewave Festival. Sophie reached out to us in 2023 to create branding for her holistic massage and beauty therapy business.

Sophie wanted to focus on aesthetics used in massage and beauty, with a link to her cultural identity and Caribbean heritage, through the use of a vibrant colour palate and tropical flora.


Use of new brand on business card, e-letterhead and emails.


“ME Brands’ design work is amazing – friendly and very professional. ME Brands created a very specific and accurate identity for me. Impressive! Thank you Mathew and Edward!”
Sophie Soulisse (Holistic Massage & Beauty Therapist)