Flarewave is a new Deaf Arts-led organisation set up in 2022. Their aim is to showcase a wealth of deaf and hard of hearing artists and craftspeople in South-East of England connecting them with or lead mainstream based arts events.

It is led by a steering group of Deaf and hard of hearing arts professionals with varied backgrounds to provide participants with experiences of theatre, literature, poetry, film, family events, stalls, tours and visual arts exhibitions.


Flarewave commissioned us to create their logo with a specific brief. They wanted to use blue and green colours with fluid shapes that symbolises the sea representing how they want to bring deaf and hearing people together and make waves. The other reason was, they wanted the logo to reflect the British Sign Language sign for Flarewave, which also represents the many lighthouses the South East – it’s a way of showing people we are here.


Our brand is eye catching and distinctive. We wanted to ensure there was a clear relationship with the branding to our geographical location, by the sea. This has been achieved. Flarewave has been received warmly by local based organisations who all seem keen to build future relationships together. We have seen already that Flarewave has started to make waves within the Deaf community and the branding is becoming more well know. This is due to a positive social media presence.


“We commissioned Matthew to create our Flarewave brand identity to reflect the new Flarewave festival – Deaf-led Arts organisation and the area we work in. We were thrilled at the outcome and the creativity behind it. It has been thought out, answering our brief really well and the colours are vibrant bringing life to the brand. It was launched at the recent Flarewave Festival held at Brighton Dome with success. We are now on our way to create a firm footing as Deaf-led Arts organisation in the South East. Thank you for all the hard work you have done for us, much appreciated.”
Omeima Mudawi-Rowlings MBE, Co-Director – Flare Arts C.I.C.