deaf together


‘deaf together’ is a campaign to end the inequalities deaf people face in every aspect of society, including those who are deaf, hard of hearing, have hearing loss, and experience tinnitus. The ‘deaf together’ objective is to build a movement of deaf people and hearing allies to come together to take action and create a future where deaf people can fully participate in everyday life.

The deaf together campaign is led by the deaf community, working with campaign champions and organisations to deliver the community objectives.

An advisory group made up of 18 diverse deaf people from across the UK come together to help plan the ‘deaf together’ campaign, bringing their diverse lived experiences, perspectives and ideas to help inform a truly inclusive, community led campaign.


ME Brands responded to SignHealth’s new campaign tender advert on LinkedIn in June 2023, pitching for the creative identity element of the project.

After winning the contract ME Brands workshopped a creative ideas session with the campaign team and SignHealth staff, to come up with the ‘deaf together’ campaign name and flesh out what their aspirations were for the creative identity.


  • Campaign name ‘deaf together’ was created.
  • Full creative brand identity including stand alone logo, September 2023.
  • ‘deaf together’ website launch using new creative identity, September 2023.
  • Branding guidelines produced, January 2024.
  • Social media launch
  • Collaborative partnerships with other Deaf organisations on campaign


“deaf together is a new campaign to end the inequalities deaf people face. Having a deaf led company work on our campaign’s creative identity was important to us. Not only were ME Brands deaf led, but they delivered exceptional work”
Stacey Witter​​​​, Director of Campaigns – SignHealth