ASL Aspire


ASL Aspire builds online educational games to make STEM education accessible for K-12 deaf and hard of hearing students and their teachers. Educators in USA have identified vocabulary as the biggest obstacle to students’ learning, making deaf and hard of hearing students students seventy times less likely to pursue STEM careers. Through the ASL Aspire app, deaf and hard of hearing students students will be taught the foundational knowledge necessary to ace their classes and prepare for future STEM careers.


ASL Aspire are based at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

ASL Aspire commissioned ME Brands to create their logo, with a brief to create a brand aimed at K-12 deaf and hard of hearing students in USA.


Results (what were the outcomes of the branding? Did it gain them further recognition? Has it become a well-known identity? Have they had positive feedback/won partnerships etc?)

ME Brands created a recognisable brand identity including logo and graphic for ASL Aspire. This branding is now being used for pitching and competitions to win further funding and partnerships, including work with ASLCORE, American Society for Deaf Children and Champaign Unit 4 School District.


“Matthew and Edward are masterful in their research methods and a delight to work with. If you want a thoughtful and creative branding team on your side, they are the best team for the job. Your branding kit has come in handy MANY times for us during pitch competitions in our powerpoint decks and we are eternally grateful for the work you’ve done for us.”
Mona Noor Jawad and Ayesha Kazi, ASL Aspire Project Leads