Your journey starts with a logo, this is your brand presence

You will get an hour’s free logo consultation to talk about your SME or Charity’s brand vision so that we as a brand agency and graphic designers can make it happen for you.


Whole Child Consulting

“easy to work with, easy to laugh with and they’ll bring out the creative side”
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ASL Aspire

“masterful in their research methods and a delight to work with…”
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Sophie Soulisse

“ME Brands created a very specific and accurate identity for me. Impressive!”
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deaf together

“Not only were ME Brands deaf led, but they delivered exceptional work”
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International Conference of Deaf Muslims

“We found them both extremely friendly and have a good sense of humour.”
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“We were thrilled at the outcome and the creativity behind it.”
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Deaf & Disabled People in TV

“Matthew and Edward perfectly captured the brief”
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Centred Advocacy

Centred Advocacy

“the logo reflects exactly what we do, person centred approach”
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This could be you…

Sophie Kusel Catering

Sophie Kusel Catering

“for an updated, original logo that would be personal to her”
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This could be you…

How We Work

Consultation Stage

You will get an hour’s free logo consultation where we listen to you about your SME or Charity’s vision, aims and values to create the logo that represents your SME or Charity. This is what your brand presence means in having a logo that reflects the SME or Charity and what it will mean to you.
Once we have your SME or Charity’s vision, aims and values, you will be provided with a design proposal and costings. You can then decide if you would like us to work with you to achieve your brand vision.
Edward working on a logo design at his desk

Design Process

Step 1

After an hour’s free logo consultation about your SME or Charity, we will do brand research to develop your SME or Charity’s brand identity. Then we create logo sketches in black and white that meets the current trend to appeal to your SME or Charity’s client base.

Step 2

A meeting will be set up to show you the logo sketches and choose a logo identity for your SME or Charity to be developed to create a clearer and defined brand identity with a mood-board showing your market competitor logos, proposed colour palette, font style and logo references.

Step 3

In the next meeting, you will be shown the developed brand identity with the mood-board for your SME or Charity. You will have an option of up to two logo revisions before you’re provided with the brand identity in EPS, SVG and JPEG formats. If you wish to take it further, tell us.

Want a free brand concept consultation?

Where do the ideas come from?

The initial logo identity idea starts with you because the logo identity represents your SME or Charity and you understand how you want to convey your logo identity so everyone understands your SME or Charity’s aims, values and vision. ME Brands passion is to work with SMEs and Charities in creating their brand identity which is both exciting and vibrant with a consistent focus towards working as a team with you.
Old school photo of Matthew on left "leaning" towards Edward on the right. Matthew wearing maroon jumper, check shirt and jeans, Edward wearing a t-shirt and jeans, the background is flat grass leve with trees at the back


Matthew’s expertise lies in the FMCG design industry, where he worked for over 25 years for clients such as Nestlé, Asda and Pets at Home. He specialised in branding and packaging design creation.


Edward was the design lead for the Royal National Institute for the Deaf, creating the beacon logo identity for their rebranding. In 2005, Edward set up his own design business and has worked on numerous projects for clients like Unlimited, V&A and the Tate.

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Drop us a line, and tell us what logo you would like us to create for your SME or charity.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between logo identity and brand identity? The answer is none because logo identity is just one element of the brand identity. It is important to understand when brand designers say brand identity, it covers the following; logo, typography (font), colour palette, tone and voice.

Logo – it is a symbol or design that your SME or Charity has adopted to identify themselves.

Typography – it is a text-based font imagery.

Colour palette – this is the logo colour reference, usually provided in universal Pantone colours that creates the brand identity for your SME or Charity.

Tone and Voice – this is what communicates the difference your SME or Charity’s brand identity to your client base.

A design brief consists of the following:

  • Name of Project i.e. project brand name.
  • Project team – Internal or external.
  • Project outline – A short paragraph explaining the aims and values of the project.
  • Project deadline – Date expected for deliverables (i.e. logo or brochure or report).
  • Project output – Digital or print
  • Project format – What type of file you want the artwork in i.e. png, jpeg, tiff or eps
  • Budget
We will discuss this at the initial logo consultation what is your target deadline and we can advise if logo identity for your SME or Charity’s deliverables can be achieved within your deadline.
It would help us to have your SME or Charity’s Vision and Mission (or Values and Aims) to help us understand your SME or Charity and how we can create the logo for your SME or Charity.